Bringing Animals to Us

If You Find a Lost Pet,


By order of the Chair of the Board of Supervisors for the County of Los Angeles, all County facilities will be closed to the public beginning March 16, 2020 until further notice. This includes DACC’s seven animal care centers. Pet owners considering surrendering their pets should delay doing so, if possible. If this is not possible, please call your local animal care center for direction.  At this time, please do not go to an animal care center without first calling to make an appointment.  This will ensure that someone is available to assist you while observing social distancing measures.


If you find a lost pet during this time, please keep it if you can while attempting to locate the owner as follows:

    • Place “Found” fliers where you found the animal.  Use ads in local newspapers and Internet sites to spread the word.

    • You can also post photos of lost and found pets to our Facebook page.

The Department is not accepting stray, healthy cats, but any sick or injured cats can still be brought into the ACCs by appointment.

If you have contained a stray dog but cannot safely handle it, call our 24-hour dispatch center for assistance at (562) 940-6898.

If you are still thinking about bringing a pet to one of our animal care centers

Surrendering your pet to one of our animal care centers should be a last resort. We strongly encourage you to explore all options before surrendering your pet. The best time to change your mind about surrendering your pet is before you bring it to us.  Here are some critical things you need to know before you decide to bring an animal to one of our animal care centers:

How long will you hold my pet?
There is no established length of time that we can hold an animal, as the animal care center’s population can change daily based on many factors.

Animals surrendered by their owners are immediately available for adoption.  Our animal care centers keep animals a minimum of four days, not including the day of impoundment.  In many cases, pets are held for adoption for weeks or even months.  Owners surrendering their pets to one of our animal care centers can assist in the successful rehoming of that pet by providing as much information about the pet as possible. Information such as the pet’s physical needs, personality, temperament, medical history, housebroken status, and tolerance of other animals and children, can assist us in placing the pet in the most suitable home for its physical and behavioral needs.