DACC Operations
During COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in accordance with Public Health guidelines, note the following changes to services and operations.


The Animal Care Centers are available by appointment only. If you are interested in adopting an animal, please email the individual Animal Care Center with the following information:

Animal ID#

Your name

Best contact: phone and email

Description of your interest

**Note: Please also include the Animal ID in the subject line


You will receive a response to your email within 24-48 hours. Note that animals are available first come, first served. If the animal came into the Animal Care Center as a stray, there is a 72-hour holding period to allow the owner to claim him/her. Within that time period, an interested adopter may place a Commitment to Adopt (CTA) on a stray hold animal. If the owner does not claim him/her within the hold period, the animal will be available to the CTA (pending medical and behavioral assessments). Three Interested Parties (IP) may be listed as backups in case the CTA does not work out. Once the CTA and IP lists are full, the animal will no longer be available for adoption unless all four potential adopters do not work out.

Lost and Found Animals

What to do if you find a lost pet:
  1. If the animal is sick or injured, please call us at 562-940-6898.
  2. If the animal appears aggressive, please call us at 562-940-6898.
  3. Check for a collar or tags: if there is a phone number on the collar itself or a tag, try calling and texting the number.
  4. Check for a chip: if safe to do so, have the animal scanned at a local veterinary clinic or pet supply store for a microchip.
  5. Go for a walk: Being mindful of safety and physical distancing, take found dogs for a walk in the neighborhood where it was found. Talk to the neighbors to see if anyone knows the dog and be on the lookout for any gates left open the pet may have gotten out from.
  6. Social Media: Post a clear picture and location where the animals were found on your social media page and local social media pages.
  7. Facebook, NextDoor, and Craigslist, are great places to start. Post in the Lost and Found sections and make sure nobody has posted on the “lost” section an animal matching the one you found.
  8. Download the Shadow App to post your found pet and help them reunite with their family!
  9. Lost-my-doggie is also another lost pet site that can be used.
  10. Post on our Care Center Facebook page.
  11. If you are unable to find the owner, reach out to your local animal care center for assistance! Please schedule an appointment prior to your visit call us at (562) 940-6898.
  12. If you have contained a stray dog but cannot safely handle it, call our 24-hour dispatch center for assistance at (562) 940-6898.
What to do if you lost your pet?

Things to do at home

  1. Contact your pet’s microchip company. This information can be found in your adoption paperwork or paperwork from your veterinarian when your pet was microchip. When you call the microchip company, they can blast your pets information to shelters and veterinary office around the area where you pet was lost, as well as contact you if someone calls with your found pet.
  1. Create a flyer – Include the following: pet name, gender, approximate height/weight, breed, whether spayed/neutered, where pet was last seen, and if there a reward. Be sure to use a clear, recognizable photo. Many microchip companies have this feature on their website. Check out Pawboost for free lost pet flyers.
  1. If your property is fenced, keep the gate open so your dog can get back into your yard.
  1. Leave out recently worn clothing, or something with your scent (your sheets or pillowcases also work well).
  1. Leave out food and water. If your dog comes back into the area, they are more likely to stay if resources are available.
  1. Contact Shadow App.
  1. Contact Pawboostand set up a free alert.
  1. Post on Nextdoor, or, if you are not a member, have a friend or neighbor (they must reside in your neighborhood) post. Be sure to also tag “Dogs” as a topic (this will extend the reach of your post).
  1. Post on Craigslist. Do not put your phone number in the ad and beware of scams that will contact you encouraging you to buy a service to help find your dog.
  1. Post on your personal Facebook page as well as any local lost dog pages and groups. Below are some lost pets groups for the greater Los Angeles Area. Look for groups that are dedicated to your neighborhood or region.
  2. Contact local shelters. It is recommended to contact all shelters within 30 miles.

What to do with Flyers

  1. Ensure your flyer has a photo and multiple contact numbers.
  2. Post many flyers in the area where your dog was lost.
  3. Put some flyers on neon poster board to increase visibility.
  4. Hand flyers out to people you meet on the street.
  5. Bring flyer to your local veterinarians and local shelters.
  6. Post around local schools, markets, and pet stores. 

If you see your dog running loose

  1. Do not chase them. When running at large, many dogs are flight mode and may not recognize those they know.
  2. Do not yell.
  3. If you see your dog, turn sideways and squat down. In a soft, happy voice say their name and coax them towards you.
  4. If your dog has a close dog friend, bring them with you when looking. The friend may help you find your dog or help your dog to come to you if found.

Pet Licenses

Pet licenses can be paid online, via phone or in person at the Animal Care Centers by appointment only.

Foster Program

The Animal Care Centers need your help in caring for animals while they find their adoptive home. We especially need foster caretakers for kittens, adult cats and large breed dogs. Learn more about fostering…

Volunteer Program

We have paused enrollment of new, onsite volunteers but do need foster caretakers.  Explore new opportunities

COVID-19 and Pets

This is an evolving pandemic and we are learning more each day. Click here for the latest information from LA County Veterinary Public Health.