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Protecting Service Animals

Protecting Service Animals 1024 1024 Animal Care and Control

Protecting Service Animals More than twenty years ago I led the animal control division for an agency in northern California, and at one point we received a series of complaints from students at a local community college regarding a fellow student’s emotional support animal (ESA). The students were in a great state of anxiety and…

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Taking Care of (Animal) Business

Taking Care of (Animal) Business 195 139 Animal Care and Control

Taking Care of (Animal) Business In my last two blogs I wrote about how animal care and control isn’t just about dogs and cats, reflecting on our handling of a massive venomous reptile case and the closing of a 400+ exotic animal sanctuary here in Los Angeles County. Many people have expressed amazement at the…

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Paging Noah . . .

Paging Noah . . . 1024 803 Animal Care and Control

Paging Noah . . . In last month’s blog I listed the many unusual animals DACC has impounded throughout the years. I challenged readers to guess which two species of animals that DACC has not impounded, promising to reveal the answer in this month’s blog. The animals were: African grey parrot, African lion, African spur…

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But No Unicorns!

But No Unicorns! 268 422 Animal Care and Control

But No Unicorns! People are often surprised when I tell them the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) cares for animals other than dogs and cats. We also take in rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots and pet birds, hamsters, and other small pets. The wide geographical area we serve (about 3,800 sq.…

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Twenty Years in Review – Third in a Series

Twenty Years in Review – Third in a Series 459 600 Animal Care and Control

Twenty Years in Review – Third in a Series Today’s blog is the third and final installment in a series in which I review how DACC has improved its operations over the past 20 years. This edition discusses how DACC engages with the community to provide resources to assist pet parents and how we have…

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Twenty Years in Review – Second in a Series

Twenty Years in Review – Second in a Series 624 768 Animal Care and Control

Twenty Years in Review – Second in a Series I am still haunted by a case I had in 1986 when I was a newly minted animal cruelty investigator in Houston, Texas. I had received a complaint from a resident about her neighbor, who had dozens of animals inside her home that were ill and…

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Twenty Years in Review – First in a Series

Twenty Years in Review – First in a Series 1024 1024 Animal Care and Control

Twenty Years in Review – First in a Series A few years ago I was looking through my childhood artwork and projects that I had saved. As I reminisced over the paintings, stories, and sculptures I noticed that every single item was about animals. I began thinking of what a one-dimensional child I was. Didn’t…

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Herd Immunity Isn’t Just for Humans

Herd Immunity Isn’t Just for Humans 739 424 Animal Care and Control

I began working for my local veterinarian when I was in high school and remained at that job until I left for college. I loved caring for the animals and learning about veterinary medicine, and happily worked evenings, weekends, and family holidays (the animals needed care every day!). I still remember my favorite patient who…

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Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware 1024 683 Animal Care and Control

Buyer Beware Thirty years ago, I led an animal shelter in Topeka, Kansas and we were often called upon to assist when authorities raided illegal and inhumane puppy mills. These neglected, ill animals needed safe havens where they could receive treatment and ultimately be placed for adoption. We accepted this difficult and heartbreaking duty because…

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Pet Health Care Costs

Pet Health Care Costs 1024 675 Animal Care and Control

Pet Health Care Costs In my March blog, I discussed findings from the February 2021 Modern Pet Parent Report that highlighted the importance pets have played during the pandemic. This report also discussed pet owners’ concerns regarding the ability to pay for their pets’ medical care. The survey reported, “The thing that stresses pet parents…

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