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Twenty Years in Review – First in a Series

Twenty Years in Review – First in a Series 1024 1024 Animal Care and Control

Twenty Years in Review – First in a Series A few years ago I was looking through my childhood artwork and projects that I had saved. As I reminisced over the paintings, stories, and sculptures I noticed that every single item was about animals. I began thinking of what a one-dimensional child I was. Didn’t…

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Herd Immunity Isn’t Just for Humans

Herd Immunity Isn’t Just for Humans 739 424 Animal Care and Control

I began working for my local veterinarian when I was in high school and remained at that job until I left for college. I loved caring for the animals and learning about veterinary medicine, and happily worked evenings, weekends, and family holidays (the animals needed care every day!). I still remember my favorite patient who…

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Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware 1024 683 Animal Care and Control

Buyer Beware Thirty years ago, I led an animal shelter in Topeka, Kansas and we were often called upon to assist when authorities raided illegal and inhumane puppy mills. These neglected, ill animals needed safe havens where they could receive treatment and ultimately be placed for adoption. We accepted this difficult and heartbreaking duty because…

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Pet Health Care Costs

Pet Health Care Costs 1024 675 Animal Care and Control

Pet Health Care Costs In my March blog, I discussed findings from the February 2021 Modern Pet Parent Report that highlighted the importance pets have played during the pandemic. This report also discussed pet owners’ concerns regarding the ability to pay for their pets’ medical care. The survey reported, “The thing that stresses pet parents…

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But What About the Animals?

But What About the Animals? 1024 536 Animal Care and Control

But What About the Animals? (Post-COVID) We have now reached the one-year anniversary of the shutdown of society as we responded to the threat of COVID-19. However, the future is looking very bright. After a devastating holiday season with huge spikes in infections and deaths, Los Angeles County has now entered the Red Tier and…

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Love is Limitless

Love is Limitless 1024 677 Animal Care and Control

Sometimes when I ask a person if they have any pets they will tell me about a beloved dog or cat that passed away. They remark sadly that they haven’t adopted a new pet because no other animal could ever replace the one they lost. I find this very unfortunate because these well-meaning animal lovers…

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Have You Hugged Your Pets Today?

Have You Hugged Your Pets Today? 1024 683 Animal Care and Control

Have You Hugged Your Pets Today? I think everyone gave a sigh of relief at midnight on December 31, 2020. The most troubling and stressful year in recent memory was finally over. A devastating pandemic, social and physical isolation, widespread unemployment and business loss, a national spotlight on the very real issue of racial inequality,…

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Heroes Among Us

Heroes Among Us 1024 801 Animal Care and Control

Heroes Among Us The holidays always bring one of my favorite memories back to me, making me smile and reflect on a special Christmas Eve that is as clear as yesterday although more than thirty five years have passed. This particular Christmas Eve I was a junior in college, pursuing my Bachelor of Animal Science…

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WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM OUR FRIENDS 290 523 Animal Care and Control

Obtaining my Master of Nonprofit Administration degree from the University of San Francisco was an enriching experience that gave me greater insight into the critical impact nonprofit organizations play in our communities. Many nonprofits bridge gaps between government and those in need of assistance. In our case, DACC is grateful for the vital programs provided…

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Saving Yumi

Saving Yumi 1024 768 Animal Care and Control

Saving Yumi Recently DACC animal control officer Matthew Davoodzadeh responded to a call to recover a deceased dog, but upon arrival discovered the one-year old Shih Tzu was not actually dead but terribly injured and in need of emergency treatment. He immediately rushed the dog, later named “Yumi”, back to the department’s Palmdale Animal Care…

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