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MICROCHIPS SAVE LIVES 400 532 Animal Care and Control

On September 23, 2019, a black and silver terrier named “Mia” was brought into the County of Los Angeles Palmdale Animal Care Center (ACC)  as a stray by a Good Samaritan.  Staff at the Palmdale ACC were able to quickly identify Mia’s owner because Mia had been microchipped and the chip was registered. Calls were…

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SKIRTING CONVENTION 517 680 Animal Care and Control

From my earliest childhood memories, all my interests and activities involved animals. My own personal pets were constant and beloved sources of joy, amusement, and companionship. At age six I began my lifelong passion for horseback riding, which I continue to this day. As I grew older, I began pet sitting and dog walking for…

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Logo Animal Care and Control Redefining Care

DACC is Redefining Care

DACC is Redefining Care 450 109 Animal Care and Control

I am pleased to announce that DACC has adopted the term “Socially Conscious Animal Sheltering” (SCAS) to describe its animal care philosophies and procedures. SCAS is a new term being used by forward-thinking animal welfare organizations in a response to the misleading terminology and negative consequences of “no-kill” philosophies and practices. The term “no-kill” is…

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Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer 1024 1024 Animal Care and Control

The warm weather is officially here!  Please keep in mind that your furry friends need some extra assistance to keep them cool and healthy.  Pets are extremely susceptible to heat exhaustion/heat stroke and precautions should be taken, especially while participating in outdoor activities.  You can prevent this by taking a few basic steps and watching…

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Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care 546 513 Animal Care and Control

Pet aging is bittersweet, especially if you have a long-time bond with your animal. It can be sad to see the effects of aging, like graying hairs (or even hair loss) and slower gait. But consider these changes as opportunities to pamper your pet and truly make them feel comfortable and loved! If you have…

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Volunteer Cuddling A Young Kitten

What To Do With Found Kittens?

What To Do With Found Kittens? 620 833 Animal Care and Control

I am often asked what to do with found kittens! Last July I wrote about fostering kittens, and now with kitten season underway once again I feel it is a good time to revisit the topic. If you are available to help, we need you! (Details are below). However, to answer that frequently asked question, here is what you can do if you stumble upon kittens:

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Need A Workout Buddy? Adopt a Dog!

Need A Workout Buddy? Adopt a Dog! 496 500 Animal Care and Control

Spring has sprung and it’s finally warming up in Southern California! The longer days and inviting temperatures are making healthful activities tempting once again. We admit it, jogging in torrential rain is no fun. But even with perfect weather some of us could use a little encouragement to get off the couch.

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Typhus Transmission Cycle

Facts and Information about Flea-borne Typhus

Facts and Information about Flea-borne Typhus 306 165 Animal Care and Control

Flea-borne (murine) typhus has been a hot topic in the recent news, but it is not a disease that a lot of people frequently encounter. You may be wondering if you and your pets may be at risk for this disease. Here are some facts about typhus and how to protect yourself and your pets.

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Director Marcia Mayeda and her horse Murphy

Horse Racing and Equine Welfare Issues

Horse Racing and Equine Welfare Issues 683 1024 Animal Care and Control

The recent alarming increase of horse deaths at the Santa Anita racetrack in Los Angeles County (Arcadia, Calif.) has caused many people to ask me what might be happening.  Twenty-one horses have been euthanized due to catastrophic injuries they suffered during racing or training at Santa Anita since December 26, 2018. 

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Dog adopted at DACC animal care center during a cold day

Your Pets and Rainy Weather

Your Pets and Rainy Weather 498 499 Animal Care and Control

When people think of Southern California they often picture sunshine and palm trees.  However, recent weather has shown us that it can get cold and wet here, too. What does this mean for our beloved pets? What hazards and additional considerations do pet owners need to consider?

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