• November 27, 2020



WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM OUR FRIENDS 290 523 Animal Care and Control

Obtaining my Master of Nonprofit Administration degree from the University of San Francisco was an enriching experience that gave me greater insight into the critical impact nonprofit organizations play in our communities. Many nonprofits bridge gaps between government and those in need of assistance. In our case, DACC is grateful for the vital programs provided by the Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation (ACF).

The ACF is a private 501(c)3 charity with an independent board of directors that raises money to support the care of the animals at DACC care centers. Due to the generosity of the ACF, DACC can provide enhanced and exceptional care and services to the animals and people who care about them.

Here are just some highlights of what the ACF has supported:

  • The Dreams Come True fund, which pays for medical care that exceeds the capability of ACC resources. Many animals’ lives have been saved through this fund, such as victims of animal abuse, physical trauma from being hit by cars, or other complicated injuries.
  • The Grooming Gives Hope fund, which provides for professional grooming services for ACC animals that are extremely matted. These animals often suffer from underlying medical conditions caused by the matting. The animals are dull and depressed upon arrival due to their pain and illness. After a few hours of grooming and TLC, they are bright and exuberant, and their medical needs are addressed.
  • The Noah’s Legacy fund, which supports emergency evacuation and sheltering services during wildfires, mudslides, and other disasters. This fund has purchased emergency supplies, food, medical care (including a state of the art mobile medical clinic), and towing vehicles and trailers to rescue animals.
  • The animal fostering program, by purchasing supplies such as milk replacer, heating pads, bottles, and other supplies to help save the lives of neonatal animals without mothers.
  • Installation of dog play yards at the ACCs, where dogs can participate in the impactful play group program. Play groups greatly reduce stress for the dogs which results in less illness, depression, and anxiety.
  • Enhanced cat housing, including an outdoor “catio” where cats can safely enjoy sunbathing and fresh air.
  • A horse barn and many new corrals and turnouts for horses to receive high quality sheltering and exercise opportunities.

There are many more ways the ACF helps the animals cared for by DACC. Donations to the ACF support these important programs and ensure brighter futures for the animals we all care about. In addition to your own donation, gifts can be made in honor of yourself or another person, making this a thoughtful and impactful way to show your compassion for animals. The ACF also accepts gifts of stock, vehicles, and may be named in estate planning documents. To support the ACF and learn more, please visit www.lacountyanimals.org. In these uncertain times will you join others to help bridge the gap for our animals? The animals are grateful for your support.

Marcia Mayeda

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