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Please Consider in Making a Special Donation Today!

Thank you in advance for your contribution. DACC’s Public Safety Division services the community with critical emergency response and rescue efforts during wildfires, flooding, and earthquakes. Your support will help provide supplies, training, equipment, and pet reunification services during emergency events.

Southern California is subject to many types of natural disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, and floods.  Local emergencies such as power outages, chemical spills, or other events can also disrupt normal activities. Being prepared for these situations will help you protect your pet.

The Department is prepared to respond to most disasters within our service area. We have Mutual Assistance Agreements with other animal care and control agencies within and outside of Los Angeles County.


The primary goals of our Animal Emergency Response are

To minimize animal suffering and loss of life

To protect the health and safety of the public throughout the County

To provide for the immediate care, control and safety of animals

To provide care and shelter for displaced animals when their owners may have to be housed at a temporary shelter

To provide a system for identifying and reuniting animals with their owners after an emergency event.

It is estimated that more than half of Los Angeles County households include domestic animals. Any natural or manmade disaster may result in potential public health and safety threats and may cause the displacement and evacuation of large numbers of people and their animals. To help ease the anxiety (of both the pet and pet owner) during these times, the Department utilizes rescue trailers that can house displaced animals near their owners at Red Cross centers.

Emergency Preparedness and your Pets

Information about emergency preparedness and your pets can be found below:

Dogs, Cats and Other Small Animals Emergency Response Team

Horses and Livestock Emergency Response Team

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