Kitten Season is here,
Got Kittens?

What is Kitten Season?

Kitten season is a seasonal increase in kittens being born in the community. This typically starts early spring and lasts into Fall/Winter. It can vary in length depending on your local climate. Milder climates like ours have a very long kitten season!

Learn how you can help cats and kittens in your community 
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Found kittens?

I found a kitten

Don’t pick them up and take them away to a care center! Mom is likely close by and watching. Kittens have the best chance at survival when raised by their moms. It is critical that they stay with mom! Each year, our care centers are faced with thousands of kittens taken away from their moms and being brought in from the community. This is far more than our capacity to care for them. Not all kittens need our help. If the kittens appear clean, healthy, with full bellies, mom is caring for them.

Found kittens and thinking about bringing them in? Read these info sheets to help you estimate their age decide whether they need your help!

Does this kitten need my help?

Want to know more about community cats and kittens? Watch this webinar by the Kitten Lady! Kitten Lady Webinar 4

The ASPCA wants to assist you in identifying the best approach for helping kittens in your community. I Found Kittens Outside, What Do I Do?

ASPCA quiere ayudarle a identificar el mejor método para ayudar a los gatitos en su comunidad. Encontré unos gatitos afuera, ¿qué hago?

How Can you Help?

  • Community cats- Help your community cats by spaying and neutering them. See our resources list below for local spay/neuter services
  • Become a Finder Foster! If you have found orphan kittens that do need help, foster them until 8 weeks of age and find them fur-ever homes.
  • For more information on orphan kitten care: – Kitten Lady Kitten Care Webinars 1-3:
  • For a list of recommended supplies:- Kitten Lady Foster supply Page:
  • If you need assistance with foster supplies, we can help! Contact us
  • Don’t forget to spay and neuter the kittens (and mom!) at 8 weeks of age. For a list of resources, see link below

Helpful resources

Advertising your fosters:



Community Cat Information:



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