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Exotic Pets = Poor Consequences

Exotic Pets = Poor Consequences 1024 875 Animal Care and Control

Since the days of Noah some people have been particularly drawn to owning exotic animals. While Noah was ordered to amass his collection to save animals from a flood, these days people obtain unusual pets for different reasons. Some are attracted to the animals’ appearances, others to the novelty and attention they receive for having…

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Protecting Animals in Grooming Facilities

Protecting Animals in Grooming Facilities 586 459 Animal Care and Control

Third in a Series of Blogs about Los Angeles County Code Title 10 – Animals More than twenty years ago we had five large dogs (a Newfoundland, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, and a Samoyed/Australian Shepherd cross). They were all house pets, of course, and we spent a lot of time making sure they…

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Commercial Breeding Facilities – Part Two in a Series of Protecting Animals

Commercial Breeding Facilities – Part Two in a Series of Protecting Animals 764 429 Animal Care and Control

In last month’s blog I wrote about the general animal caretaking requirements set forth in Los Angeles County Code Section 10.40.010. Those requirements apply to both pet owners as well as operators of commercial animal facilities such as grooming salons, boarding kennels, wild animal facilities, and pet shops. However, there are additional requirements set forth…

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Protecting Animals in Los Angeles County – First in a Series

Protecting Animals in Los Angeles County – First in a Series 791 1024 Animal Care and Control

Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” There is no better way to ensure the humane treatment of animals than enacting comprehensive, sensible laws to codify and enforce society’s expectations of how they will be protected.   This premise…

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Keeping Pets and Families Together

Keeping Pets and Families Together 1024 936 Animal Care and Control

Buddy’s owner wrote: “I am so very thankful for the Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation for saving my dog’s life. Our dog was attacked by another dog and we had to choose between putting him to sleep or getting him medical care. Luckily the Foundation was able to help us with some medical bills…

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Unicorns and Magic Wishes

Unicorns and Magic Wishes 768 1024 Animal Care and Control

In November I received a delightful letter from a seven year old girl named Madeline, requesting our permission for her to keep a unicorn in her backyard if she could find one. I happily agreed to allow her to keep a unicorn, with conditions. These included compliance with Los Angeles County Code regarding the keeping…

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Leaders in the Pack

Leaders in the Pack 846 315 Animal Care and Control

One of the most defining aspects of working in animal welfare is that you never know what situations may come your way, especially in a county the size of Los Angeles. These surprises and challenges must be responded to and resolved, while also maintaining our ongoing operational effectiveness and planning for the future. This calls…

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Cats and Consequences

Cats and Consequences 639 789 Animal Care and Control

Like most people who work in animal welfare, there have been animals I have come across in my career who have left lasting impressions on me. I still think about them decades later, sometimes with happiness and sometimes with regret.   One animal I still recall vividly was a beautiful black and white tuxedo male…

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Animal Sheltering vs. Animal Warehousing

Animal Sheltering vs. Animal Warehousing 1024 826 Animal Care and Control

Recent media reports about overcrowding and lack of exercise for dogs at some other Los Angeles area animal shelters has prompted discussions about animal shelter population management. This is a key operational issue for animal shelters and deserving of the public’s attention. When I joined the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control…

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Are You Ready?

Are You Ready? 371 495 Animal Care and Control

In the early 1990’s I was the executive director of a humane society in Kansas. It was a very rewarding job and we helped many animals. A number were dogs that fled in terror during the frequent thunderstorms that rolled across the prairie. Safe in our animal shelter, they still believed the world was coming…

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