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Facility Licensing


This division has the responsibility of conducting 500 + inspections annually. The staff works closely with the Department of Regional Planning, Building & Safety, and other County agencies as well as State agencies such as the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Staff takes proactive approaches to ensure the health and safety of animals by inspecting unlicensed and licensed animal businesses within our jurisdiction and enforcing all applicable laws and ordinances.

Animal Control officers assigned to this task work Monday through Saturday and are responsible for inspecting boarding facilities, pet shops, grooming parlors, animal menageries, non-profit humane organizations, animal training facilities, rooster facilities, animal exhibition events and mobile groomers. They also inspect businesses with guard dogs and establishments that require a conditional use permit.

These officers are very knowledgeable and able to educate business owners while conducting the yearly inspections. For example, they make sure that animals are cared for properly in their environments, and make sure animals are kept in a manner that is not injurious to their health and might not be neglected in any manner made to suffer.

After the renewal fees are processed, the officers assigned to business license will conduct the yearly inspection, document their findings in an inspection report and assign a letter grade. The  grade reflected in the animal facility inspection report will be based on the facility’s level of compliance with applicable state statues, local ordinances, and policies related to the care of animals.


Licensing Your Business

Part of the licensing process requires signatures from the County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning.  If a business is located in a city contracted with our Department, that City’s code enforcement personnel can assist the facility owner.

For questions regarding Facility Licensing, you may contact

(562) 345-0323
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