What's Up, DACC?

Welcome to What’s Up, DACC? We hope you enjoy our monthly newsletters which feature important news and updates to our services, as well as stories from around our animal care centers! Scroll down to view our newsletter archive.

Enjoy the 2023 holiday edition of What’s Up, DACC? Inside, you’ll find a message from DACC Director Marcia Mayeda, information on our partnership with Dog is My CoPilot, details about our exciting partnership with the Los Angeles Angels, and much more!

Summer is here! And that means, so is the hot weather! DACC kindly reminds you to please keep your pets safe and cool during the hot summer days. We hope you enjoy this summer edition of What’s Up, DACC? which features information on our Pets are Family (PAF) programs, the benefits of microchipping, and some behind-the-scenes on our Contracts and Grants Division!

Happy New Year from DACC! This winter edition of What’s Up, DACC? features news on our Pawcasso dog painting event, an introduction to our new Volunteer Programs Director, Christine Quesada, and much more!

This Fall 2021 edition of What’s Up, DACC? features articles on our Love at First Sight Adoption Program; Twenty Years in Review – first in a series from Director Marcia Mayeda; an adoption story from the adopted pet’s perspective; an introduction to our first E-Operations and Public Programs Manager, Rachel “Rae” Williams; and shout-outs to our veterinary staff and amazing volunteers!

This month’s newsletter features articles on our Pet License Amnesty Program, ACO Appreciation Week, DACC’s grant award by the Petco Love Foundation, and special shout outs to our Veterinarian staff and amazing volunteers! After this month, WUD will be shifting to a quarterly newsletter! Stay tuned for the next issue in August.

This April edition features news on the appointment of our new Chief Deputy Director, Danny Ubario, and also two incredible reunification stories out of the Lancaster and Palmdale Animal Care Centers.

This newsletter features a remarkable reunification story from the Palmdale Animal Care Center, 15 years in the making, as well as some important information regarding spay/neuter and dogfighting. Enjoy!

This February edition of What’s Up, DACC? features an interview with Nancy Hodges, an Animal Care Attendant from the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center who, in her free time, is a super-animal foster parent and also mother of four fur-babies. Also included are some adoptions from January!

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoy the first What’s Up, DACC? of 2021. This month’s newsletter features an interview with Whitney Duong, DACC’s Contracts and Grants Division Manager, and how her pets help with stress relief, as well as some news about Managed Intake (Spoiler Alert: The news is “award-winning”!).

We hope you enjoy our December newsletter which features an introduction to our Licensing Team, as well as a story about Officer Salvador Gomez’s rescue of an evasive emu. Happy holidays!

This month, we celebrate National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week by recognizing the incredible work of our staff and communities dedicated to helping animals. This edition also features a heartwarming reunification story out of the Lancaster Animal Care Center. We hope you enjoy!

In celebration of National Veterinary Technician Week, this month’s newsletter features a story on Registered Vet Technician Julia Badon from the Agoura Animal Care Center, as well as DACC’s recent response to the Bobcat and Lake Fires.

This newsletter features a story on Animal Care Attendant Cristina Garcia and her deep-cleaning project at the Downey Animal Care Center, as well as some heartwarming happenings from September!

This month’s newsletter features the story of Bosco and Migel out of the Palmdale Animal Care Center, and an article from our Director, Marcia Mayeda, on Keeping Kids and Pets Safe at Home.

The July 2020 newsletter features total animal outcomes for Fiscal Year 2019-20, important information related to the beginning of kitten season, and adorable animal stories from around our animal care centers.

The June 2020 newsletter features a story about Sara, a kitty in need of a new forever home, and an announcement regarding Petco’s grant matching campaign.

This edition features Shadow and her journey while at the Agoura Animal Care Center, and a story about Officer Kelly removing a gopher snake from an elementary school classroom.

Welcome to the April 2020 edition of WUD! This month’s newsletter highlights a generous donation of pet food from GreaterGood, and a remarkable story about an officer’s rescue of a kitten stuck in a wall.

This month’s newsletter includes a story on the Lancaster team’s partnership with Lucky Luke Brewing Co. to host an adoption event, as well as Officer Vaughn’s rescue of an owl caught in a rat trap. Kitten season is coming!

This Valentine’s Day edition of WUD features a heartwarming story about Iduna, a Rottweiler who suffered a ruptured cruciate ligament (Spoiler Alert: It’s a happy ending!). Also, the results from the Lancaster team’s participation in the Toyota adoption event!

Welcome to the first What’s Up, DACC? of 2020! This month’s newsletter includes total animal lives saved last year and our best stories from 2019!

Tiny but Mighty! Read about 16-year old Chihuahua, Tiny, and her stay at the Lancaster Animal Care Center while her owner long-term housing. This newsletter also features a myriad of videos posted by DACC!

November is here! Read about the turtle pond which opened at the Lancaster Animal Care Center, new play yards at Downey, and a wonderful return-to-owner story!

It may be a spooky month, but there’s no better time to add a new furry family member to your household! Read the incredible story of MIA, no longer M.I.A., and her journey back into her mother’s warm and loving arms.

Do you remember? It’s September! Clear the Shelters 2019 was a spectacular success with 195 animals finding forever homes! Read on to find out more!

DACC and the Petco Foundation partnered to host the Seen=Saved Adoption Event where all animals in our care were professionally photographed and posted on social media! This incredible effort led to 304 animals being adopted during a single weekend. Please view our August edition of What’s Up, DACC? to find out more!

Our Lancaster team hosted their 2nd annual Jurassic Bark adoption event which focuses on adopting out dominant breed dogs. This group is often overlooked despite them making up a significant part of our animal population. This edition also features the story of Jamil, a remarkable Arabian horse who, despite his proud appearance, was not always treated with the dignity he deserved.

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