• April 11, 2019

Need A Workout Buddy? Adopt a Dog!

Need A Workout Buddy? Adopt a Dog!

Need A Workout Buddy? Adopt a Dog! 496 500 Animal Care and Control

April 11th, 2019

Spring has sprung and it’s finally warming up in Southern California! The longer days and inviting temperatures are making healthful activities tempting once again. We admit it, jogging in torrential rain is no fun. But even with perfect weather some of us could use a little encouragement to get off the couch.

So if you’ve fallen away from your New Year’s resolution, or are just wanting to move more, we’d like to recommend adopting a dog from one of our seven Animal Care Centers! We have dogs to match your lifestyle no matter what stage of fitness you are in. If you have a few pounds to lose we have pets who can lose weight with you! If you need a less active companion for walks around the block, we have perfect dogs for that as well. (And of course, if you go on 10k runs, we have dogs for that too!) Our Care Centers are ready to help you find the new workout buddy that is best for you and your lifestyle. Once you get into a regular workout habit, your new companion will helpfully insist on sticking to the schedule!

Keep in mind that you can do more with a canine than just run or go on hikes! While dogs do love running with their owners, you can get creative if you prefer other activities. If you like biking, you can take your pooch along too! If you have a pup that has difficulty staying on track, there is a device called a Springer that mounts on your bike and acts as a shock absorbing dog leash. When the weather gets really hot, your pooch will enjoy swimming in your pool if you have one. If you like rollerblading or skiing, your dog will definitely enjoy coming along. (This year Mammoth is open until July!)  If you prefer competitive activities, consider dog agility! In this sport the dog races through an obstacle course while you run alongside and guide them. Competitors meet for matches where they seek to have the best scores.

And if there is a rain shower or two coming up in the calendar, you can even spice up plain old fetch. While your dog is fetching, do some jumping jacks. Or even try to race your dog to catch the ball! Alternatively, there are a lot of videos on Youtube of people working out with their pets. While some are just silly, you really can learn how to do Pup Pilates. Just use your good judgment and don’t force anything on your pet that they do not want to do.

Whatever activities you enjoy doing with your dog, just be sure to start slow and work your way to longer activity times. Even though your dog may have a ton of energy to burn, their foot pads may need some time to grow thick enough for long activities on rougher terrain. Be aware you do not overexert your dog, and always bring water and a foldable water bowl (especially on those hot summer days) so your pooch can rehydrate just like you.

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